Saraswati’s Way – Inspiration and Challenges of Writing a Novel set in India

In this presentation I tell the back-story of writing Saraswati’s Way, a novel about a 12-year old boy in contemporary India, where I lived for eight years. Akash, the book’s protagonist ends up as a street child in the New Delhi train station, and my presentation, supported by photos from the setting, shows students the conditions of street children in India and discusses child labor and poverty in India.


After the War Was Lost – Bringing Post-War Germany to Life with Two Novels for Young Readers

This presentation can tie in with middle school history and language arts classes that use historical fiction or memoirs in their studies. Enhanced by visuals, my presentation explains how family memoirs as well as primary and secondary sources, have influenced the creation of fictional characters and plot in two novels and discusses the importance of historical accuracy.

Additional Information
I am flexible and can also give a talk that combines the topics outlined above, providing a brief description of the story behind each of my books.

Each of my presentations includes a description of my writing process with emphasis on revision. 

Contact me for fees and scheduling.

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"By being open about her own process and giving a glimpse into a "real author's" experiences Monika validated and motivated my students. Monika Schröder fulfilled all my expectations with her author visit!! Witty, engaging, honest (...) She hooked our middle schoolers every time." -Tammie Canerday, Jacobs Fork Middle School, Newton, NC